Ein Klavier für Ihre Musik.

Purchase request

You can offer our dealers your used upright or grand piano for sale here.
Your instrument will only be displayed to participating specialist dealers, but is not publicly visible on Klavierwunsch.

As a minimum, we require all fields marked with an asterisk (*). In order to be able to determine the value of your instrument more precisely, the optional details are helpful.


Data about instrument

Brand *

If your brand is an ‘other brand’, you can also write its name in the ‘model’ field.
Model *

Example would be ‘K-132’ or ‘Rönisch R12’.
Year of manufacture *

If you do not know the exact year, a rough estimate will suffice. The serial number will then help us.
Serial number

Helps us to determine the exact age. Mostly found on the casting plate or the side wall, in the case of wings on the side or in the centre of the casting plate in the area next to or between the vortex fields.
Height / length
For upright pianos please state the height, for grand pianos the length.
Asking price

Only whole numbers, without comma or full stop. e.g. ‘4590’.
Postcode *
City *
Floor *
Last tuning *


The more or the better the photos are, the more accurately the value can be estimated.

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Front view *

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Side view *

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Photo of the worst damage*

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Photo of purchase or repair invoice

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Soundboard with bridge
Behind cover under keyboard

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Hammer heads supervision
With the cover open

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Photo of the 2nd worst damage

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Photo of the 3rd worst damage

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