Ein Klavier für Ihre Musik.

Guarantee Seal

Used, high quality, well maintained – you can count on it!

The older the upright or grand piano, the higher the risk that the instrument has not been subject to regular maintenance. Therefore, in the case of pre-owned instruments, the standard of maintenance of the piano plays a vital role.

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All our suppliers are piano makers and master piano builders, many of whom are concert technicians or sworn experts. Their combined expertise and knowledge provides you with the assurances you need that you are purchasing an instrument in technically flawless condition.

Each individual instrument is thoroughly tested, including: the soundboard, bridge, strings, iron frame, keyboard, action, hammers, muffler, pedals and trapwork. A lot has to be inspected!

You as a musician will only be satisfied if you personally enjoy the sound of your piano and everything functions consistently and at the high level you would expect.
You can feel and hear the quality of klavierwunsch instruments.

The klavierwunsch guarantee seal ensures you the following standards:

Competence abgehakt
All instruments provided with this seal have been tested by specialists at their own workshops.

Craftsmanship abgehakt
All instruments provided with this seal have been flawlessly crafted, adjusted, voiced and tuned.

Reliability abgehakt
All instruments provided with this seal have a three-year warranty.

Trust abgehakt
All klavierwunsch.com suppliers and their staff as well as their workshops are personally known by Klavierwunsch.

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